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Indian food in a stylish atmosphere
Shalimar Indian Restaurant Vienna

The venerable Shalimar Indian Restaurant was founded in 1973 and is the oldest Indian restaurant in Vienna.

Over the four decades of its existence, the Shalimar earned a reputation not merely as a purveyor of top-class Indian food but also as an Indian restaurant with a colonial flair that evokes the British Raj. These two facts render the Shalimar well worth trying out – and a visit or two will likely be habit-forming.

Eating out in Vienna - Indian cuisine and cordial service

Rather than just a place for eating out in Vienna, the Shalimar makes every effort to make you feel right at home.

We serve every dish with a smile and we are glad to accommodate your personal wishes.

Our varied menu card offers anything from delicious Indian entrees, tandooris and mouthwatering curries to traditional Indian sweetmeats.

In India, there is more to a meal than merely consuming food: pleasure, company and joie de vivre. Traditionally, food is never taken alone, but shared with others. You sit together with friends or family and sample a variety of items. To this end, a number of assorted samplers are on offer allowing you to enjoy different delicacies together with your loved ones.

Our tranquil outdoor dining area can seat up to 65 people and the atmospheric garden pavilion can cater to 20 people. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere and let us take you into the fascinating world of Indian cuisine!